3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore URL Shorteners in Social Media Marketing

Admin Published on July 31, 2022

URL shorteners are essential for capturing the attention of your target audience in social media marketing. Nowadays, social media marketing makes use of all ways of communicating with the audience. Even though there are several things to keep an eye out for, none are more important than the others.


How you offer the URLs to your website when promoting it is a critical component that may make or break the entire marketing strategy.


One obvious advantage is that shorter URLs are more likely to be clicked by visitors than longer ones. There are various more reasons why you should not neglect URL shortening, particularly for social media marketing.


Here are a few reasons why you should utilize branded links for your business.


  • User Trust

People understand that a link originating from you and including your brand has been "signed" by you. This indicates that there will be less link lingering and more link clicking. And here's where things may become interesting: Branded domains may be built around the sorts of content you provide.


Many social media marketers select 3-5 areas in which they write regularly. If you're one of them, consider purchasing some low-cost domains with keywords related to your content categories. Then, the next time you share a link, use the appropriate branded domain and watch the clicks pour in.


For example, you might purchase the name Instagram. tips and then utilize that branded domain to post a link whenever someone shares an article about Instagram.


  • Reader-Friendly URLs

As a social media manager, you are always under pressure to provide new material. You probably set up your posts as soon as possible, using a randomly generated auto-shortened URL, rapidly prepping the content, and pressing the Send button.


But there is an alternative. You can come closer to the results you want if you spend a few extra seconds making the link clear.

A branded link employs clear content and, in certain cases, your brand name to make it easier to recall. Take the effort to ensure that your link is readable.

While spending additional time on your title is important, making your link visible is likely the most important thing you can do when producing a social post, especially on Twitter.


  • Monitoring the Location and Timing of Clicks

Some URL shortening providers include location and time data of clicks in addition to the number of clicks.


As a consequence, you can determine the region from where the traffic is originating, as well as the time of day when your advertisement provides the most productive results or, sadly, does not get clicked at all.


This type of study can undoubtedly assist you in fine-tuning and focusing your marketing based on the visitors' geographical location. Furthermore, the time information might assist you in establishing better customer care timings if a visitor requests a fast chat.


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